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Ladies, ladies, ladies…what do we love more than makeup, shoes and flattery? Well, outfits to go with them all of course! The holiday’s are right around the corner and before you know it, the 2015 Viva Las Vegas, Hootenanny  and other great rockabilly shows are here. What will you wear? No worries my dollies, we have a few suggestions for you at some devilish good prices. Be sure to contact Oak Tree on Black Friday for some extra discounts, free shipping and gift with purchase!!!! Hold on to your stockings my dears because this is gonna be hot!

For purchase inquiries, contact oaktreepurchase@gmail.com. 

Holiday Sales! Send purchase inquiries to oaktreepurchase@gmail.com. Include the name of the product on the subject line

Holiday Sales! Send purchase inquiries to oaktreepurchase@gmail.com. Include the name of the product on the subject line

Classic Pinup Flask and Card Case Combo $30 on sale

Classic Pinup Flask and Card Case Combo $30 on sale

Red Diva! Perfect for any retro style. $35

Red Diva! Perfect for any retro style. $35



“Stone Company Store, Pasadena CA!”

Stone Company Store, Pasadena, CA. Dapne, Blanca, Chris and Oak Tree Vintages’ Road Dawg, Marita Marquina.

OK Stone Brewing fans! I am happy to announce that Oak Tree Vintage has made it down to the Stone Company Store in lovely Pasadena, CA.  No more 2 hour drives to fill up a growler, although that drive is certainly worth it if you plan on enjoying a great selection of organic foods along with your fresh Stone beer.  The new bottle shop is an extension of Greg Koch’s brewery, which has in 16-years grown to become the 11th largest craft brewery in America.

While on my Sunday night quest to fill up two birthday growlers for my better half, Jason of Beers in Paradise, I searched and searched for the location. As many times as my navigation said, “Destination…”, I didn’t know where my destiny was? Seems like my navigator has a hard time finding Stone, here and in San Diego 😦 Luckily, I was accompanied by my road dawg Maritza Marquina who suggested we park and go in search for the Stone Company

Suzie’s Beer Stuff Growler Carrier in Red

Store on foot. We were determined to locate and acquire some great craft beer and bad navigation was not about to stop us! Armed with one of the awesome hand-made growler carriers from Suzie’s Beer Stuff, we found our target and rolled right into the great set-up that Stone has tucked away in the Del Mar Metro Station complex at 220 S. Raymond Ave. After some of the hop-head patrons were done admiring the Suzie’s Beer Stuff Growler Carrier, I went ahead to selecting 1 growler of the Oak Aged Arrogant Bastard and 1 growler of the Sublimely Self Righteous, two of several beers currently  being offered on tap.

The Stone Company Store has a great selection on tap for your growler fills, not to mention their wide assortment of Stone paraphernalia. No beer is actually being brewed at this location and food is not served. This place is exactly what it states, a “Stone Company Store” where you have more of a tap-room type set-up and can purchase beer glasses, shirts, caps and bottles.

Chris, Daphne and Blanca. Three great staff members at the Stone Company Store, Pasadena.

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Chris, Blanca and Daphne. These three staff members who represent the Stone store at its best made our mission complete. Fresh beer, great staff and beautiful Pasadena. Thanks Greg Koch for thinking of us!

Thank You Chris!

“You Naughty Little Thing Make-Up” available February 10th!

Keep a lookout ladies, as of February 10th, “You Naughty Little Thing” make-up will be available on our online store! The morning of Feb 10th, some of the best Red and Pink lip colors will be ready for you just in time for Valentines day! Also available will be our own line of sexy dusting powders along with it’s matching fluffy boa puffer, tinted moisturizers, foundations, Cheetah print bronzers and much much more! Our online web-address will be posted soon.