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“Not So Fast!”

We all have those blah days where we don’t want to wear any makeup, don’t want to pretty up our hair and just want to walk out that door as is. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead without my eyebrows and some lipstick…that’s just the way this little mama rolls. No eyebrows, no dice! (Please know that I do have eyebrows and not some weird bald section over my lids due to tweezing malfunctions. I just prefer to make them a little more fabulous than what’s already there.)

Here are some Oak Tree Vintage favorites for looking chic on those lazy or on the rush day’s.


Did you just wake up but look like you took your finger out of a wall socket? Well here’s an easy quick fix that will help you bluff a bad do!

Nothing says “Sexy Messy” like a great head scarf like those from Pinup Girl Clothing!

This is one accessory that will take you from a.m to p.m. in one easy step. Scarf’s don’t take up much room, so keep a black one in your purse or glove compartment for a hair saving pick-me -up!

These little pretties run $23 at Pinup Girl Clothing, not to bad for a time saving quick fix. Low on the dollar? No worries. There are always great finds at your local thrift store! While everyone else

is passing up the very understated scarf section, you’ll be there  picking up the creme of the crop in low key elegance.


The power of color compels you… to please please please not go out looking like a muted monotone manikin! You don’t have to clown up your pretty little pout, but please add some color to your on the run look. Let’s face it. Lipstick was invented for a reason. Someone, somewhere said, OMG! These chicks look like HELL-P! Not really. Lipstick actually dates back to Ancient Mesopotamia. Even then, humans had the need to distinguish themselves among others. Lipstick, on a bad face day, can help distinguish whether or not you took the time to invest some love to your look.

Oak Tree Vintage recommends …

Neautrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20. It comes in 6 subtle shades that give your lips just enough color to kill the monotony of a flesh toned lip, but also protects them from the sun while adding a nice sheer gloss. $8.99 http://www.neutrogena.com

Bésame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge. This is truly a magnificent product. Keeping this in your purse will ensure light color for your lips when applied lightly, deeper color when layered on and rosey cheeks for that  express p.m. look! $22.00 http://www.besamecosmetics.com

Bottom line my darlings, don’t neglect to spruce up your on the go routine and always carry some quick fixer-upper’s in your purse and in your car. A little something goes a long way. You never know who you’ll run into and you certainly don’t want to be the topic of the day at the salon!


“Accessorizing With Craft Beer!”


I chose craft beer over mass marketed beer. Why Craft Beer…so many reasons, “quality, local production, limitless creativity, collaboration and community” … among many, many other reasons.

Quality and flavor are two great reasons to drink a craft beer over something like a Bud Light, Miller Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon or anything that requires a lemon or an orange to mask it’s blandness. When you’re young, you are really just drinking to get drunk. All you see are commercials for mass produced beers so naturally when you are old enough to buy beer, you say Bud Light or Pabst (yugh). BUT…as soon as I came across a Great Divide Oak Aged Espresso Yeti things changed! The doors parted like the Red Sea, bright lights shined on the craft brew section as my hot, craft beer expert boyfriend chimed into epic songs of craft beer lists! Seriously, that’s what happened! Once I started trying beers with more flavor, things changed. I turned over a new leaf on taste bud consciousness and never EVER looked back. The complexity of craft beer, the layer of flavors, the creativity in ingredients and process all wrapping it up into a beer that you savor, not drink, is “WHY” craft beer.


The term pin up refers to a photographic and illustration style which is printed and meant to be pinned up on a wall. This style originated at the beginning of the 20th century but became very popular during World War II as millions of young men spent weeks and months away from their sweethearts and longed for an escape. The pin up girl has became an indelible part of modern popular culture and endures to this day. In fact, thanks to the internet, the pin up girl is more popular than ever and only a few clicks away. The style is classic and nostalgic with a nod of appreciation to the fashion, makeup, hair and a cute campy attitude. We love it.

What’s one of my favorite parts about being a pin-up? ALLLLL the accessories, the culture, the style, the appreciation for traditional beauty… and sporting gorgeous;fun hair accessories as much as garters!

OK! So what’s the connection here? Craft beer awareness and Pin-up style? 

Sierra Nevada

Green Flash!

Her name is Suzie Reily and she loves craft beer (and craft beer accessories). She has traveled the West Coast from Alaska to Panama seeking locally sourced and brewed beers. She’s met the most interesting, special and uniquely laidback people and has enjoyed the most interesting conversations over beers.  The camaraderie of the craft beer community coupled with the artistic inspiration found not only in the beer itself, but in the artwork of labels and caps, has inspired her immensely.  This inspiration led her to become a student of Craft Beer University aspiring to become a BJCP certified judge, an avid homebrewer, a homebrew competitor and finally, a deeply appreciative and dedicated craft beer drinker and craft beer community advocator.

Some of the Suzie’s Beer Stuff accessories

North Coast Brewing Co.

Her inspiration for creating the “Suzie’s Beer Stuff” hair flowers came from a recurring situation.   Her boyfriend Brad, who is also completely immersed in the craft beer community, and Suzie would get ready to go to a brewery or beer event, and would consistently end up wearing the same t-shirts or apparel from the same breweries. In the interest of not looking like  ‘one of those matching couples’ , and always having things like bottle caps consistently turn up in unique locations throughout their house (the shower to name one), she realized it was up to her to fix the lack of  availability of ‘pretty things’ in the craft beer community for the ‘beer girls’. The ‘beer girl’ culture is one full of beautiful and unique women who want to show their craft beer dedication and knowledge through means other than wearing a mens ‘brewery’ t-shirt because more often than not, these  are the only items of apparel their favorite breweries offer.

Thus, Suzie’s Beer Stuff was born. It is a very young project that she plans on turning into a complete line of accessories, decorative items and repurposed craft beer gear so the women who appreciate the craft beer community can express themselves while not sacrificing their femininity. Taking bottle caps from many unique craft beers and breweries, she creates hair clips of varying sizes and shapes that coordinate with any mood, outfit or personality. In assisting her fellow ‘beer girls’ to express themselves without sacrificing their femininity, she hopes to continue to expand the craft beer community to women who may not realize that

New Belgium Brewing

(craft) beer is no longer just for the guys.

So there it is my lovelies! Suzie’s Beer Stuff is a great way to bond the love of beautiful pin-upesque craft beer loving lasses with the world of craft beer.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Find Suzie on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Suzies-Beer-Stuff/172171309557819 or buy her craft beer accessories on Etsy athttp://www.etsy.com/shop/susannahreily. I have to say that after meeting all kinds of wonderful ladies amongst my craft beer comrades, Suzie has rissen to the top of my list for helping spread craft beer awareness through beauty. Suszie has also come on board as a sponsor for the winners of our “Oak Tree Vintage Pin-up T-shirt Contest Winners”, so Carmen Lee, get ready to become part of our craft beer community courtesy of “Suzie’s Beer Stuff!”

Garters off to Susie Reily and her beer accessories!

**Special thanks to Rachel Halsey and Sarah Christensen for modeling some great accessories from Suzie’s Beer Stuff! Cheers!

Sorry Hairspray. It’s You, Not Me…

After so many years of faithful service, I broke it off with my hairspray. I wanted more variety and I got tired of waking up to that same look every boring morning. It was limiting me, not letting me be adventurous and versatile. So, I went out on the town, and found something that met my needs. Pomades, one of  the most resourceful categories of  hair products.

Pomades have taken over my medicine cabinets, and in my case, under the sink cabinet’s as well. These delightful, colorful whipped hair dressings are the archenemy of fly-aways. Medium pomades take an extra bullet to become our sculpting gel. The extra strong pomade becomes clay to form your hair into, well,  just about any shape your hair-chitectural mind can conjure up.

Let’s do a quick run down of some of the pomades you might come across at your local drug store.

  1. Murrays Pomade has been around since 1925. It’s heavy, greasy and will stay in your hair for a LONG time. It has the thick consistency of Vaseline petroleum jelly. Because Murray’s is so thick, you’ll have to soften it up with heat before you can use it.
  2. Brylcreem has been one of my grandfathers favorites for decades. Its mineral oil/beeswax base provides maximum sheen and all-day hold, while keeping your hair soft and pliable. Plus, it leaves your hair smelling delightfully clean. Most people have to use more than just the suggested “little dab” in their hair, depending on how thick or heavy your hair is.
  3. 3 Flowers Pomade is not just for men! It adds shine to straight hair and keeps frizzes away. The pomade has just enough hold to keep them in line. My only warning is that you should use sparingly, to much can leave a greasy look.
  4. Schmiere by Rumble 59 is absolutely one of my favorite brands. This German based company has created a pomade for just about every type of hair imaginable. The pleasant scents of their pomades, the variety of what they offer and the effectiveness of the hold makes them worth going out of your way to buy. Rumble59 Schmiere – For greasy guys and sophisticated ladies!

So what do you do once you’re done for the night, dazzled the crowds with your hair-tastic good looks and are ready to degrease? Many turn to a product called High Life Degreaser Shampoo. It is specially formulated to remove hair greases, pomades, waxes, and creams. There is no shampoo that completely rids the hair of any of these types of products, but hair experts advise adding Groom & Clean to your hair cleansing routine. This is a water based grooming product that not only can be used for styling your hair, but when left on the hair for at least a few hours prior to washing it, it actually helps cleanse the hair of dandruff and break down gels and waxes. I’d recommend making this an addition to  your degreasing process in order to gain cleaner and fresher locks.

Remember to always wash your hair and rid your glamorous frock of anything that can transfer to your pillow and onto your skin. All hair products contain ingredients that can irritate your skin and cause breakouts. If you are using a product to set a style or pin curl over night, wear a shower cap or bandana to help keep your skin fresh and clean!