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INFINITY SPECTRUM – One of Echo Park’s Finest

Joshua Ian, Founder of Infinity Spectrum

Joshua Ian, Founder of Infinity Spectrum

Los Angeles residents, did you know that you have a visionary photographer right in your own back yard? NO!? Well, let me share a little bit of a conversation I shared with Mr. Joshua Ian over the weekend.

Oak Tree: What inspired you to get into photography?

Infinity Spectrum: When I was growing up, I played a lot of RPG games and read a lot of comics. I don’t think too many people outside the realms of RPG players and Comic nerds such as myself can really

appreciate the level of artistry that goes into bringing a character to life and the emotion that is put into every single part of what brings it to life. I wanted to do that same, through photography, you know…bring

characters to life by overlapping game aspects into real life subjects. During my last year of high school I decided to enroll in PCC (Pasadena City College) and start my journey there.

Oak Tree: What would you consider to be your first “accomplished” piece of work?

Infinity Spectrum? I was in my last year of high school and was taking a photo journalism class. Our instructor was trying to get us to take shots worthy of being included in a gallery show for the Salvation Army.

Armed with a Lumix point and shoot camera, I went out and took a few pictures that resulted in some very disappointing shots. I was trying to hard to mimic other peoples style and failed miserably at it! Frustrated, I

went off and took a walk around Echo Park Lake to re-evaluate my ideas. Echo Park has so much going on all the time I was destined to find something (and myself) on my walk. In the water, I saw a toy sail

boat with a little white sail. Something about it made me think of, yup, a video game. I zoomed in, took the shot and took off. The sail photographed very saturated and the rest came out clean, together this gave the shot

a dimension I was not purposely aiming for, but I fell in love with the contrasting looks. This photograph made it into the 2009 Marshall High School Gallery Exhibit at the Salvation Army location on Sunset Blvd.

I found my style, I experienced the creation of a successful piece and now I wanted to learn all there was to learn about photography.

Oak Tree: What is Infinity Spectrum up to these days?

Infinity Spectrum: This year alone my work has been on display at Art Share L.A. and the Stillwall Exhibition in San Francisco. I feel that my knack for seeing details that others would normally overlook, ignore or

neglect is part of what adds emotion & perspective to my finished pieces. I am currently focusing on portraiture, photographic advertisements and political candidate campaign photos. I will say this, if a challenging or exciting

opportunity comes my way…I won’t hesitate to accept the challenge, no matter where it takes me!

Oak Tree: I want to be photographed! Actually, Infinity Spectrum did take a few shots of me and my Mr. at our wedding and I have to say, I LOVED IT! I felt they kind of resembled a bit of classic old Hollywood. What do you all think?







So, Mr. Joshua Ian, what if someone wishes to call upon your talents and would like to be photographed or have their products photographed…how would one reach you?

Infinity Spectrum: Well my dear, until my own personal Bat Sign has been finalized, regular ole’ email would do just fine! I’d love to hear from your readers and even collaborate with artists who’d be interested in creating together. infinityspectrumphoto@gmail.com.