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“Not So Fast!”

We all have those blah days where we don’t want to wear any makeup, don’t want to pretty up our hair and just want to walk out that door as is. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead without my eyebrows and some lipstick…that’s just the way this little mama rolls. No eyebrows, no dice! (Please know that I do have eyebrows and not some weird bald section over my lids due to tweezing malfunctions. I just prefer to make them a little more fabulous than what’s already there.)

Here are some Oak Tree Vintage favorites for looking chic on those lazy or on the rush day’s.


Did you just wake up but look like you took your finger out of a wall socket? Well here’s an easy quick fix that will help you bluff a bad do!

Nothing says “Sexy Messy” like a great head scarf like those from Pinup Girl Clothing!

This is one accessory that will take you from a.m to p.m. in one easy step. Scarf’s don’t take up much room, so keep a black one in your purse or glove compartment for a hair saving pick-me -up!

These little pretties run $23 at Pinup Girl Clothing, not to bad for a time saving quick fix. Low on the dollar? No worries. There are always great finds at your local thrift store! While everyone else

is passing up the very understated scarf section, you’ll be there  picking up the creme of the crop in low key elegance.


The power of color compels you… to please please please not go out looking like a muted monotone manikin! You don’t have to clown up your pretty little pout, but please add some color to your on the run look. Let’s face it. Lipstick was invented for a reason. Someone, somewhere said, OMG! These chicks look like HELL-P! Not really. Lipstick actually dates back to Ancient Mesopotamia. Even then, humans had the need to distinguish themselves among others. Lipstick, on a bad face day, can help distinguish whether or not you took the time to invest some love to your look.

Oak Tree Vintage recommends …

Neautrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20. It comes in 6 subtle shades that give your lips just enough color to kill the monotony of a flesh toned lip, but also protects them from the sun while adding a nice sheer gloss. $8.99

Bésame Cosmetics Crimson Cream Rouge. This is truly a magnificent product. Keeping this in your purse will ensure light color for your lips when applied lightly, deeper color when layered on and rosey cheeks for that  express p.m. look! $22.00

Bottom line my darlings, don’t neglect to spruce up your on the go routine and always carry some quick fixer-upper’s in your purse and in your car. A little something goes a long way. You never know who you’ll run into and you certainly don’t want to be the topic of the day at the salon!


“Leg Paint On His Back!?”

“Women want men, career, money, children, friends, luxury, comfort, independence, freedom, respect, love and cheap stockings that don’t run.” –Phyllis Diller

On October 27, 1938, Charles Stine, a vice president of E. I. du Pont de Nemours, Inc., announced that nylon had been invented, the name of ‘nylon’, the ‘ny’ part of the name literally standing for the initials of New York. He unveiled the world’s first synthetic fiber not to a scientific society but to three thousand women’s club members gathered at the site of the 1939 New York World’s Fair for the New York Herald Tribune’s Eighth Annual Forum on Current Problems. He spoke in a session entitled “We Enter the World of Tomorrow” which was keyed to the theme of the forthcoming fair, the World of Tomorrow.

After the New York World Fair when nylon stockings hit the market on May 14th 1940, women rushed out to buy them, not in their thousands, but in their millions! Over 72,000 pairs of nylons were sold on the first day of release in America and 64 million by the time a year had passed. The allure of wrinkle free, bunching free, inexpensive leg wear proved extremely popular putting a colossal dent into all preceding forms of established hosiery manufacture.

From the time of their original inception back in 1940, stockings had changed little. At that time they were “fully fashioned”, created in a wide variety of sizes to fit the leg exactly and knitted together down the back showing a seam. During the time when nylon stockings were hard to come by, women had become quite skillful at drawing a line down the backs of their legs to give the appearance of stockings by mimicking this seam line. However, that changed in the late 60’s when manufacturers found they could make nylon stretchy by crimping it under heat and then when Lycra was invented by DuPont in 1959, there was no longer a need for fully fashioned stockings. Later, the seams too were to disappear as manufacturers moved away from knitting flat to circular knitting machines, which eliminated the need to join the material.

Q: What’s a wife more afraid of finding on her man than lipstick on his collar?

A: Leg paint on his back.

During World War II, many women had no stockings and so they ‘penciled in’ seams, using eyeliner or eyebrow pencil to draw lines up the backs of their legs to create the look of stockings. This was not the only cosmetic approach to hiding one’s bare legs. In a copy of The Professional Beautician 1942, there was an ad for beauty shop owners to stock Curley Colortone Cosmetic Stockings. The vintage wholesale advertisement for professionals promises that each unit of Curley Colortone Cosmetic Stockings includes a jar of Colortone and a jar of Curley Foundation Creme and clearly shows that salon product was also available.

A 1938 issue of Popular Science boasted “Cream Replaces Silk Stockings,” a new cosmetic “boon to the outdoor girl,”.  In fact, the Smithsonian, showing us Leg Silque Liquid Stockings by the Langlors Company, says that such leg makeup had been available since the 1920s — but “it wasn’t until rationing was introduced during the World War II that the product became an essential commodity for many American women.”

“Accessorizing With Craft Beer!”


I chose craft beer over mass marketed beer. Why Craft Beer…so many reasons, “quality, local production, limitless creativity, collaboration and community” … among many, many other reasons.

Quality and flavor are two great reasons to drink a craft beer over something like a Bud Light, Miller Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon or anything that requires a lemon or an orange to mask it’s blandness. When you’re young, you are really just drinking to get drunk. All you see are commercials for mass produced beers so naturally when you are old enough to buy beer, you say Bud Light or Pabst (yugh). BUT…as soon as I came across a Great Divide Oak Aged Espresso Yeti things changed! The doors parted like the Red Sea, bright lights shined on the craft brew section as my hot, craft beer expert boyfriend chimed into epic songs of craft beer lists! Seriously, that’s what happened! Once I started trying beers with more flavor, things changed. I turned over a new leaf on taste bud consciousness and never EVER looked back. The complexity of craft beer, the layer of flavors, the creativity in ingredients and process all wrapping it up into a beer that you savor, not drink, is “WHY” craft beer.


The term pin up refers to a photographic and illustration style which is printed and meant to be pinned up on a wall. This style originated at the beginning of the 20th century but became very popular during World War II as millions of young men spent weeks and months away from their sweethearts and longed for an escape. The pin up girl has became an indelible part of modern popular culture and endures to this day. In fact, thanks to the internet, the pin up girl is more popular than ever and only a few clicks away. The style is classic and nostalgic with a nod of appreciation to the fashion, makeup, hair and a cute campy attitude. We love it.

What’s one of my favorite parts about being a pin-up? ALLLLL the accessories, the culture, the style, the appreciation for traditional beauty… and sporting gorgeous;fun hair accessories as much as garters!

OK! So what’s the connection here? Craft beer awareness and Pin-up style? 

Sierra Nevada

Green Flash!

Her name is Suzie Reily and she loves craft beer (and craft beer accessories). She has traveled the West Coast from Alaska to Panama seeking locally sourced and brewed beers. She’s met the most interesting, special and uniquely laidback people and has enjoyed the most interesting conversations over beers.  The camaraderie of the craft beer community coupled with the artistic inspiration found not only in the beer itself, but in the artwork of labels and caps, has inspired her immensely.  This inspiration led her to become a student of Craft Beer University aspiring to become a BJCP certified judge, an avid homebrewer, a homebrew competitor and finally, a deeply appreciative and dedicated craft beer drinker and craft beer community advocator.

Some of the Suzie’s Beer Stuff accessories

North Coast Brewing Co.

Her inspiration for creating the “Suzie’s Beer Stuff” hair flowers came from a recurring situation.   Her boyfriend Brad, who is also completely immersed in the craft beer community, and Suzie would get ready to go to a brewery or beer event, and would consistently end up wearing the same t-shirts or apparel from the same breweries. In the interest of not looking like  ‘one of those matching couples’ , and always having things like bottle caps consistently turn up in unique locations throughout their house (the shower to name one), she realized it was up to her to fix the lack of  availability of ‘pretty things’ in the craft beer community for the ‘beer girls’. The ‘beer girl’ culture is one full of beautiful and unique women who want to show their craft beer dedication and knowledge through means other than wearing a mens ‘brewery’ t-shirt because more often than not, these  are the only items of apparel their favorite breweries offer.

Thus, Suzie’s Beer Stuff was born. It is a very young project that she plans on turning into a complete line of accessories, decorative items and repurposed craft beer gear so the women who appreciate the craft beer community can express themselves while not sacrificing their femininity. Taking bottle caps from many unique craft beers and breweries, she creates hair clips of varying sizes and shapes that coordinate with any mood, outfit or personality. In assisting her fellow ‘beer girls’ to express themselves without sacrificing their femininity, she hopes to continue to expand the craft beer community to women who may not realize that

New Belgium Brewing

(craft) beer is no longer just for the guys.

So there it is my lovelies! Suzie’s Beer Stuff is a great way to bond the love of beautiful pin-upesque craft beer loving lasses with the world of craft beer.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Find Suzie on facebook at or buy her craft beer accessories on Etsy at I have to say that after meeting all kinds of wonderful ladies amongst my craft beer comrades, Suzie has rissen to the top of my list for helping spread craft beer awareness through beauty. Suszie has also come on board as a sponsor for the winners of our “Oak Tree Vintage Pin-up T-shirt Contest Winners”, so Carmen Lee, get ready to become part of our craft beer community courtesy of “Suzie’s Beer Stuff!”

Garters off to Susie Reily and her beer accessories!

**Special thanks to Rachel Halsey and Sarah Christensen for modeling some great accessories from Suzie’s Beer Stuff! Cheers!

“Carmen Lee”

Oak Tree Vintage is proud to debut Carmen Lee, the first face of our Pin-Up T-shirt Contest! She’s a very accomplished young woman and many of you vintage seekers have probably modeled in something you purchased from Big Star Vintage, Carmen Lee’s online store. Big Star Vintage ( is full of her unique finds; mostly vintage/50s inspired rockabilly pin-up clothing, shoes and accessories.

Carmen Lee, dubbed the Queen of the Hillbilly Crooners, is most well known for fronting her rockabilly/country band ‘Carmen Lee & The Tomorrow River Two’ ( Her unique, dusky vocals and catchy tunes give The Tomorrow River Two their very own style as they pay homage to the 50s/Sun Studio sound of Elvis and Johnny Cash. The group consists of Carmen Lee on vocals, Carmen’s father (whom they just call ‘Orlow’) on vocals and acoustic guitar and Elloitt Abbott on stand-up bass. When it was time to form the trio, Carmen asked her father to be in the group because she had performed with him her whole life. He was in bands when Carmen was young and, in fact, Carmen’s mother used to sit her in the middle of her father’s band practices as a baby if she was fussy, as she was always content around music. And fate intervened when close family friend  Elliott Abbott agreed to join the group out of a common love of rockabilly/country music. So began the weekly practices, live gigs and eventually the recording in 2011 of their first album Big Star.

As well as writing and recording the music for her band, Carmen Lee is also a vintage stylist. In her free time she models and does freelance writing for Vintage/Retro Magazines. Carmen Lee embodies everything vintage; the music, the style, the soul, the class and she has the attitude to match. As her hit song ‘Big Star’ says about becoming a success and leaving those who treated you unkind in the dust; “I’m gonna be a big star, now you can shine MY shoes!”.

Why doe’s Oak Tree Vintage LOVE LOVE LOVE Carmen Lee? Beside the fact that she is a beautiful young woman, we love the message that her accomplishments provide her fans. Although a very accomplished woman, Carmen Lee’s sparkling personality invites new fans to fall in love with her style, passions and undeniable charm.

Be sure to follow Carmen on Facebook at and check out her new vintage finds at

Oak Tree Vintages’ “The Carmen Lee” men’s shirts and women’s tank tops will be available for sale Monday July 16th.

“Legs Made Sexy – How To Wear Stockings”

“Johnny, I mean, if the sound of a woman’s nylon stockings swishing together, swish… swish, makes a sound that drives men crazy… why hide it? All a woman has to do is rub her thighs together to produce an exquisite friction.” (Helen Gurley Brown talking to Johnny Carson)

To properly wear stockings, you need a garter belt, or suspender as they are called in Europe. Good garter belts are comfortable and don’t cost much more than the little lacy ones that are not practical for long wear. Worn on top of the hip, garter belts are usually 4 to 6 inches in length; measured from top to bottom (this measurement does not include the straps). The 8-inch garter belt has recently become popular. Wider garter belts, called full or girdlette (10 to 12 inches), can offer support for the waistline. Girdles, corsets and waist cinchers are other articles of lingerie that can have straps for stockings. You can easily incorporate stockings with different lingerie.

The straps from the garter belt attach to the stocking by clasps. The more straps, the better. The more straps used, the smoother the stocking will look and on that rare occasion a clasp breaks, there would be no sag in your stocking. Metal clasps are better than plastic ones. Be sure the straps are adjustable so you can custom fit the amount of tension on the stocking. Most stockings have a top area that is thicker than the stocking itself. This is called the Welt and the clasps are attached to the welt. Don’t substitute thigh highs for stockings because the thick rubber can bend the clasps. Stretch stocking wearers can use a four-strap garter belt but non-stretch stockings work better with at least six straps.

A good starting point for strap adjustment is to make the back straps 2 inches longer than the front straps and 1 inch longer than the side straps. Some garter belts are cut / shaped longer in the back than in the front to help in this area because when you sit down there is a farther distance to go on your back side to reach the stocking. When standing, there should be a slight pull on the stockings but the word here is slight (over pull will either damage the stocking or cause the garter belt to slide down). If you are wearing stretch stockings, you can keep the straps tighter, letting the stocking do some of the give.

The first few times you wear stockings, wear them around the house for a while before you leave to be sure you have everything adjusted properly. If you are wearing a short skirt, be sure to sit down and see if the stockings are long enough.

The most important rule is: don’t look at the pictures. If you wear panties, put them on LAST. Think about going to the bathroom. If you have your stockings and garter belt over your panties, then you have to remove everything to go to the bathroom.

Rules for stockings are the same as for pantyhose: No jagged finger nails and toe nails. Remove rings if they are not smooth. Hands should be smooth or wear hosiery gloves. Roll the stocking down into an O-shape, place your thumbs inside, and then start unrolling it over the foot and up the leg (pointing toes, foot forward helps). Hand wash them by gently swishing and squeezing the stockings (don’t rub or twist) in lukewarm water using a product like Woolite (another great product is Hosiery Mate, and you don’t need to rinse). Rinse in clean water, gently squeezing. Then lay it out flat on a towel to dry (room temperature, away from direct heat). You can also use a drying tree.

To keep your stockings from twisting, attach the straps straight down from the garter belt and attach the back straps first. This helps to keep the stocking straight (even ones without a seam). If you are wearing seamed stockings, place the back strap in line with the seam (seamed stockings are best worn with 6 or more straps which will keep the seam straight). Try sitting down, which makes it easier to attach the back straps. Another trick is not to pull the garter belt all the way up until you have attached the straps to the stockings. Better yet, have a “friend,”spouse/partner attach the back strap for you. If you are wearing Full Fashion stockings, do not put the clasp in the finishing hole (this is a weak area of the stocking).

Most Internet sites that sell stockings give very good information about their stockings and sizing but you may have to try different brands/styles to get the perfect fit. So don’t buy six pairs because you get a price break until you know they fit properly. Also, if you go to any quality vintage store, most of the sales people are very knowledgeable and can offer you some great advice on how to properly select your stocking size.

Oak Tree Vintage hopes you enjoyed the second in a series of many posts to come on “Legs Made Sexy.”  Be sure you visit our online store at and doll up with some of our products.


Leg’s Made Sexy

We all love the many varieties of nylon stockings, pantyhose and thigh highs to add some sexy to our wardrobe. My favorite, as is that of many lovely ladies, is the back seamed thigh high stocking. What a way to add some “run your eyes up this” to a curve hugging pencil skirt. They are stylish, classy and sexy in any combination or simply a la carte… for hungry eyes only! Here’s a short history of our favorite accessory – the stocking.
Stocking materials – the sexy nylon stocking is born

In the late 1800’s the use of wool gave way to cotton, and by 1929 the vast majority of stocking production was in silk. Then at Du Pont laboratories came Dr Wallace Carrothers momentous discovery – nylon! Carrothers was a brilliant polymer chemist with a rather turbulent private life that led to fits of depression. Nevertheless his development of what was initially known as polyamide 6-6 with its extremely high melting point revolutionized women’s lives!

At the end of the Second World War nylon manufacture was geared back to the mass production of nylons. The demand was enormous – in 1945 Macy’s sold out of its entire stock of 50,000 pairs of nylon stockings in six hours!

Stocking designs

The nylon seamed stockings were generally of the fully fashioned variety – that is the machine used to make then was designed to drop stitches where needed so that the leg was not simply a tube but was narrowed at the ankle and widened at the thigh. The flat material was therefore designed to fit the leg snugly, when wrapped and stitched down the back to produce the seam. Of course nylon (and its predecessors) does not have stretch so it became necessary to manufacture stockings in a variety of foot length and leg lengths.

Until the end of the second world war stockings were in short supply. Because the tell-tale sign of a fully fashioned stocking is the back seam, so it was common for ladies to use an eyebrow pencil to create an artificial seam up the back of their leg to simulate a genuine stocking!

Seamless stockings

The invention of the circular stitching machine enabled the advent of seamless stockings which by 1950 had surpassed the seamed stocking in popularity. However sizing was still an issue and, because they do not stretch, it is common to find some bagging behind the knees and at the ankles with both the original seamed and newer seamless stockings from this era. This was all to change in 1959 when lycra, also known as spandex arrived. For the first time one size could fit a variety of legs, snugly and without bagging.

Pantyhose or stockings?

The advent of the ‘swinging sixties’ brought the hemlines so short that comedians would joke that it was less of a skirt and more of a broad belt. There was a brief time when stocking tops were frequently on show before pantyhose or tights took the hosiery world by storm. However it is the sensual nylon stocking that still holds the affection of most men – and an admittedly lesser percentage of women. Of course any woman who has been fortunate enough to feel the silky smoothness of the original fifties flat knit stocking cannot fail to fall under the spell of these wispy nylons.

Oak Tree Vintage hopes you enjoyed 1 of many posts to come on “Legs Made Sexy.”  Be sure you visit our online store at and doll up with some of our products.

Upgrading Your Go-To Look!

I am absolutely fascinated by the way other women wear their make-up, how much they wear, what color scheme they decided on to achieve their look, and does it match with their hair and outfit. I’ll be honest, I have made millions of mental make-overs in my adult life and the reality is, we all need to change our look, if not at least upgrade our look every so often. How does one know which colors suit us, how much to apply? And why, despite the fact that we have a drawerful of the stuff, and spend at least 10 minutes putting it on in the morning, does our end-result look the same as it did yesterday? It’s easy, FEAR. We are afraid to change it up in fear that we will not be sporting the shadow the right way, that we won’t be able to rock that other lipstick color like we own it and fear that if we decide to go dewy skinned rather than matte we’ll look like we’ve never heard the word blot!

There’s two solutions to this problem. First of all, experiment. Instead of parking in front of the TV and watching other peoples drama as if there wasn’t enough in your own life either at home or work, play with your make-up and experiment with your shadows, your blushes, your lipsticks and figure out what colors and styles look good on you. Stay open minded when doing it, in other words, don’t poo poo it just because you are not used to it and if it works, write it down for future reference.

The next step to remedying the bland go to look is by learning how to apply your make-up…correctly! Yes my lovlies, there is a way to achieve make-up application stardom.  Should make-up be applied with a brush or should you just dab it on and hope for the best?  It’s been said around the make-up world that foundation should always be applied with a brush in order for it to  be perfectly blended and diffused. Another reason is that it’s more sanitary, you make better use of every drop or swipe of foundation you apply and you can manage the layering much easier than with a sponge.

A fresh, unmade-up face will always be more appealing than one caked in unflattering layers of foundation. But go on – indulge my curiosity. How much makeup, if any, do you wear? Have you ever mastered what is that impossible, magazine-generated mirage, the smoky eye? Where did you learn to apply it? How much is too much?

Women are beautiful, whether made-up; natural or glammed, women are beautiful simply because they women.