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“Accessorizing With Craft Beer!”


I chose craft beer over mass marketed beer. Why Craft Beer…so many reasons, “quality, local production, limitless creativity, collaboration and community” … among many, many other reasons.

Quality and flavor are two great reasons to drink a craft beer over something like a Bud Light, Miller Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon or anything that requires a lemon or an orange to mask it’s blandness. When you’re young, you are really just drinking to get drunk. All you see are commercials for mass produced beers so naturally when you are old enough to buy beer, you say Bud Light or Pabst (yugh). BUT…as soon as I came across a Great Divide Oak Aged Espresso Yeti things changed! The doors parted like the Red Sea, bright lights shined on the craft brew section as my hot, craft beer expert boyfriend chimed into epic songs of craft beer lists! Seriously, that’s what happened! Once I started trying beers with more flavor, things changed. I turned over a new leaf on taste bud consciousness and never EVER looked back. The complexity of craft beer, the layer of flavors, the creativity in ingredients and process all wrapping it up into a beer that you savor, not drink, is “WHY” craft beer.


The term pin up refers to a photographic and illustration style which is printed and meant to be pinned up on a wall. This style originated at the beginning of the 20th century but became very popular during World War II as millions of young men spent weeks and months away from their sweethearts and longed for an escape. The pin up girl has became an indelible part of modern popular culture and endures to this day. In fact, thanks to the internet, the pin up girl is more popular than ever and only a few clicks away. The style is classic and nostalgic with a nod of appreciation to the fashion, makeup, hair and a cute campy attitude. We love it.

What’s one of my favorite parts about being a pin-up? ALLLLL the accessories, the culture, the style, the appreciation for traditional beauty… and sporting gorgeous;fun hair accessories as much as garters!

OK! So what’s the connection here? Craft beer awareness and Pin-up style? 

Sierra Nevada

Green Flash!

Her name is Suzie Reily and she loves craft beer (and craft beer accessories). She has traveled the West Coast from Alaska to Panama seeking locally sourced and brewed beers. She’s met the most interesting, special and uniquely laidback people and has enjoyed the most interesting conversations over beers.  The camaraderie of the craft beer community coupled with the artistic inspiration found not only in the beer itself, but in the artwork of labels and caps, has inspired her immensely.  This inspiration led her to become a student of Craft Beer University aspiring to become a BJCP certified judge, an avid homebrewer, a homebrew competitor and finally, a deeply appreciative and dedicated craft beer drinker and craft beer community advocator.

Some of the Suzie’s Beer Stuff accessories

North Coast Brewing Co.

Her inspiration for creating the “Suzie’s Beer Stuff” hair flowers came from a recurring situation.   Her boyfriend Brad, who is also completely immersed in the craft beer community, and Suzie would get ready to go to a brewery or beer event, and would consistently end up wearing the same t-shirts or apparel from the same breweries. In the interest of not looking like  ‘one of those matching couples’ , and always having things like bottle caps consistently turn up in unique locations throughout their house (the shower to name one), she realized it was up to her to fix the lack of  availability of ‘pretty things’ in the craft beer community for the ‘beer girls’. The ‘beer girl’ culture is one full of beautiful and unique women who want to show their craft beer dedication and knowledge through means other than wearing a mens ‘brewery’ t-shirt because more often than not, these  are the only items of apparel their favorite breweries offer.

Thus, Suzie’s Beer Stuff was born. It is a very young project that she plans on turning into a complete line of accessories, decorative items and repurposed craft beer gear so the women who appreciate the craft beer community can express themselves while not sacrificing their femininity. Taking bottle caps from many unique craft beers and breweries, she creates hair clips of varying sizes and shapes that coordinate with any mood, outfit or personality. In assisting her fellow ‘beer girls’ to express themselves without sacrificing their femininity, she hopes to continue to expand the craft beer community to women who may not realize that

New Belgium Brewing

(craft) beer is no longer just for the guys.

So there it is my lovelies! Suzie’s Beer Stuff is a great way to bond the love of beautiful pin-upesque craft beer loving lasses with the world of craft beer.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Find Suzie on facebook at or buy her craft beer accessories on Etsy at I have to say that after meeting all kinds of wonderful ladies amongst my craft beer comrades, Suzie has rissen to the top of my list for helping spread craft beer awareness through beauty. Suszie has also come on board as a sponsor for the winners of our “Oak Tree Vintage Pin-up T-shirt Contest Winners”, so Carmen Lee, get ready to become part of our craft beer community courtesy of “Suzie’s Beer Stuff!”

Garters off to Susie Reily and her beer accessories!

**Special thanks to Rachel Halsey and Sarah Christensen for modeling some great accessories from Suzie’s Beer Stuff! Cheers!