“Sneak Peek at The Bruery’s New Tap Room”

Patrick Rue, Founder/CEO of The Bruery and Vanessa Michelle, Founder of Oak Tree Vintage

Oak Tree Vintage was honored to be included in this past Sunday’s “Sneak Preview” for the Bruery’s new tap room. The Bruery is opening their new tap room on Independence Day  and Oak Tree was able to experience the new venue along with some of the best in the craft beer business. Ok, we obviously love this place and the people who both work and frequent the Bruery. For those of you who are familiar with the Bruery’s original tap room, you’ll be glad to know that along with a many great new taps in place, there is also air conditioning!

The difference between the Bruery’s tap room and The Bruery Provisions is that the tap room is a place where beer aficionados come savor several of the 40 Bruery beers on

Johnny and Danny Fullpint of the fullpint.com with Vanessa Michelle of Oak Tree Vintage

tap while mingling amongst other craft beer loving individuals, while at The Bruery Provisions, you have more of a sit-down low-key eatery slash store environment with a great selection of “fancy cheese” for sale.

The flight for the guests was a 5 stepper starting with Loakal Red then going to Trade Winds (thai basil triple), on to Mischief, Oude Tart and finishing with the one and only Black Tuesday.
Amongst the craft beer greats in attendance were Julian Shrago, head brewer of Beachwood Barbecue; the Porter family who has established Smog City Brewing; Michael Church of Stone Brewing Sales Representative for the Coachella Valley area, Barbara Gerovac of Anaheim Brewery; Out of the Park Pizza from Anaheim Hills (Stone Brewing Night on July 12); Tony

The new tap room during development

The Bruery’s new tap room after completion

Alcazar of The Bottle Room in Whittier and his gorgeous wife Amanda; Bottle Room Manager Catelyn Willig who we will miss dearly since she will be heading out to be adventurous in Norway amongst other places…come back soon!; Jimmy of Downtown LA’s Far Bar (you’ll be reading about this place soon, the best place in Little Tokyo thus far!);

Ryan Sweeney of LA’s Verdugo Bar and West Hollywood’s Surly Goat;  craft beer intellectual and founder of The Growler Initiative, as well as

the excellent writer of Beer SearchParty /www.beersearchparty.com; Johnny and Danny Fullpint of the fullpint.com; Jason Stinnett (AKA, my hunk), part owner of

Amanda Alcazar, Vanessa Chavoya, Catelyn Willig and Vanessa Michelle

Roy Chavoya of Beers in Paradise, Jimmy of Downtown LA’s Far Bar, Julian Shrago, head brewer of Beachwood Barbecue and Jason Stinnett of HopScotch in Fullerton

HOPSCOTCH, Fullerton’s hottest new craft beer bar featuring craft beer, cigars, whiskey and soul food opening in August, Roy Chavoya, president of Beers In Paradise and his

Matt Olesh the Bruery’s new Director of Retail Operations

lovely new wife Vanessa Chavoya. There were also plenty of our craft beer friends from all over So. Cal…cheers to them all.
The craft beer movement would not have the momentum or the success it has had without individuals like those mentioned above and most assuredly not without leaders and innovators in the industry like Patrick Rue, Founder and CEO of the Bruery who started homebrewing as a diversion in the first year of law school.

Many thanks to Matt Olesh the Bruery’s new Director of Retail Operations for getting some of the best SoCal craft beer bloggers to the sneak peek of The Bruery’s new tap room.

We’ll be seeing you all at The Bruery’s new tap room!


715 Dunn Way

Placentia, CA  92870



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