“You Naughty Little Thing Make-Up” available February 10th!

Keep a lookout ladies, as of February 10th, “You Naughty Little Thing” make-up will be available on our online store! The morning of Feb 10th, some of the best Red and Pink lip colors will be ready for you just in time for Valentines day! Also available will be our own line of sexy dusting powders along with it’s matching fluffy boa puffer, tinted moisturizers, foundations, Cheetah print bronzers and much much more! Our online web-address will be posted soon.

About Oak Tree Vintage

Oak Tree Vintage is your go to place for Craft Beer Awareness, Pin-up Culture and features on Local Artists! Want to know where to have a great craft beer & eat hand crafted foods after attending an artwalk; music fest or gallery and look like a doll while doing it all? Oak Tree Vintage will offer you some great insights on some of our local craft beer breweries, delicious eateries and offer you some insightful pin-up tips for your every day (or night) rendezvous. Drink well, eat right, become artistically aware and look fabulous! View all posts by Oak Tree Vintage

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