Upgrading Your Go-To Look!

I am absolutely fascinated by the way other women wear their make-up, how much they wear, what color scheme they decided on to achieve their look, and does it match with their hair and outfit. I’ll be honest, I have made millions of mental make-overs in my adult life and the reality is, we all need to change our look, if not at least upgrade our look every so often. How does one know which colors suit us, how much to apply? And why, despite the fact that we have a drawerful of the stuff, and spend at least 10 minutes putting it on in the morning, does our end-result look the same as it did yesterday? It’s easy, FEAR. We are afraid to change it up in fear that we will not be sporting the shadow the right way, that we won’t be able to rock that other lipstick color like we own it and fear that if we decide to go dewy skinned rather than matte we’ll look like we’ve never heard the word blot!

There’s two solutions to this problem. First of all, experiment. Instead of parking in front of the TV and watching other peoples drama as if there wasn’t enough in your own life either at home or work, play with your make-up and experiment with your shadows, your blushes, your lipsticks and figure out what colors and styles look good on you. Stay open minded when doing it, in other words, don’t poo poo it just because you are not used to it and if it works, write it down for future reference.

The next step to remedying the bland go to look is by learning how to apply your make-up…correctly! Yes my lovlies, there is a way to achieve make-up application stardom.  Should make-up be applied with a brush or should you just dab it on and hope for the best?  It’s been said around the make-up world that foundation should always be applied with a brush in order for it to  be perfectly blended and diffused. Another reason is that it’s more sanitary, you make better use of every drop or swipe of foundation you apply and you can manage the layering much easier than with a sponge.

A fresh, unmade-up face will always be more appealing than one caked in unflattering layers of foundation. But go on – indulge my curiosity. How much makeup, if any, do you wear? Have you ever mastered what is that impossible, magazine-generated mirage, the smoky eye? Where did you learn to apply it? How much is too much?

Women are beautiful, whether made-up; natural or glammed, women are beautiful simply because they women.


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