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Pretty Beer? I Think Not!

Ladies, we’ve briefly covered craft beer on prior posts, but let’s talk a little more in depth about the difference between craft beer and the “pretty beer” some of you poor souls have been tricked into guzzling. For many years, the beer industry has created this gender divide in the beer drinking community. Beer apparently was only for the pleasure of men, while the supposed sexy skinny “chicks” in bathing suits or a wife bringing her man another brewski were the only ways women were associated with beer. Well, thank the gods for the winds of change! Now a days, women of all kinds can stand side by side a man and know … actually KNOW her beer. With the high rise of craft beer and the demand for better beer experiences, women have taken quite a liking to great tasting; hearty flavored; palette pleasing beer, (not the two buck chuck versions of beer). As a matter of fact, women across the nation have taken some very important roles in the craft beer industry ranging from master brewers, distribution and craft beer educators.

So what changed? Well, beer education is what’s changed and so has the daringness of many home brewers. Craft beer, much like food, can be taken to so many extremes that there literally is something for everyone. Spices ranging from chipotle, jalapeno, nutmeg, ginger, clove to flavors that include chocolate, coffee, bourbon, oak, woodsy, smoked, outdoorsy, extra hopped and soooo much more. Forget about these “light beers” made especially for “women”, go out and get yourself a growler full of some crafty  flava flave because once you’ve gone craft, you’ll never go back! Craft Beer, It’s what’s for women.


Upgrading Your Go-To Look!

I am absolutely fascinated by the way other women wear their make-up, how much they wear, what color scheme they decided on to achieve their look, and does it match with their hair and outfit. I’ll be honest, I have made millions of mental make-overs in my adult life and the reality is, we all need to change our look, if not at least upgrade our look every so often. How does one know which colors suit us, how much to apply? And why, despite the fact that we have a drawerful of the stuff, and spend at least 10 minutes putting it on in the morning, does our end-result look the same as it did yesterday? It’s easy, FEAR. We are afraid to change it up in fear that we will not be sporting the shadow the right way, that we won’t be able to rock that other lipstick color like we own it and fear that if we decide to go dewy skinned rather than matte we’ll look like we’ve never heard the word blot!

There’s two solutions to this problem. First of all, experiment. Instead of parking in front of the TV and watching other peoples drama as if there wasn’t enough in your own life either at home or work, play with your make-up and experiment with your shadows, your blushes, your lipsticks and figure out what colors and styles look good on you. Stay open minded when doing it, in other words, don’t poo poo it just because you are not used to it and if it works, write it down for future reference.

The next step to remedying the bland go to look is by learning how to apply your make-up…correctly! Yes my lovlies, there is a way to achieve make-up application stardom.  Should make-up be applied with a brush or should you just dab it on and hope for the best?  It’s been said around the make-up world that foundation should always be applied with a brush in order for it to  be perfectly blended and diffused. Another reason is that it’s more sanitary, you make better use of every drop or swipe of foundation you apply and you can manage the layering much easier than with a sponge.

A fresh, unmade-up face will always be more appealing than one caked in unflattering layers of foundation. But go on – indulge my curiosity. How much makeup, if any, do you wear? Have you ever mastered what is that impossible, magazine-generated mirage, the smoky eye? Where did you learn to apply it? How much is too much?

Women are beautiful, whether made-up; natural or glammed, women are beautiful simply because they women.

Perfuming Your Way To Perfection!

Have you ever thought about how you properly apply perfume? Applying a perfume is a ritual and for many women it can incite nostalgia. Whether your mother or grandmother was a perfume wearer or you’re particularly attached to a certain scent, every woman has a distinct routine that she submits to when applying it, but are you doing it right?

There may not be a definite way to apply perfume, but there are steps you can take to ensure your fragrance will last. Here’s a few tips on perfume perfection:

  1. Apply perfume before you get dressed. Many women already know the key pulse points such as behind the ears and the wrists, however, there are a number of other areas that can be effective such as behind knees and in the crease of the elbow where the natural heat of the skin slowly releases the ingredients in the perfume
  2. The old spritz and rub technique actually damages the scent. Don’t rub your wrists together once applied as this can break down the notes of the scent
  3. Many women believe that lotions, body gels, and mini atomisers are overkill, but layering a moisturizer or bath oil under your perfume can ensure a long-lasting scent. Moisturize your skin while damp and the product will fully absorb into the skin. Before dressing, spray your fragrance on the pressure points mentioned above and let it dry naturally.
  4. Beyond application techniques, storage and expiration dates are factors we seldom think of when applying perfume. You can tell if your perfume has seen better days because the top notes begin to smell sharp, rather than fresh. As a rule, a fragrances should last about a year but as many women constantly change their fragrances, you should keep an eye out for any changes in the scent. You will get the most wear our of your fragrance if you store it right. Perfume shouldn’t be left where it can be affected by sunlight as the heat can damage the ingredients.

Are you a spritz and rub type of girl or do you subscribe to the pre-teen favorite application style of spraying into the air and dancing your way through the flying particles?

Pin-up Perfect Tips!

The art of the pin up pose is a form of making love. The best parts of the body are emphasized in a sultry, classy, playful way. The arched back, the long leg look with legs positioned off to the side or above the body, the coquettish bend to show off the backside or the opps.. my girls just wanted to say hello pose are all popular looks of the pin-up model. The pin-up facial expressions are the cherry on top. Pin-Ups are all about facial expression & personality. What’s your pin-up personality? Classy and sexy? Cute and playful? Tough but smoldering? Hot home goddess? Temptress secretary? Find your look by spending some real time in front of the mirror finding out what expressions are best for you. Pull out all your sexy gear such as stockings, corsets, lacy undergarments, garter belts, heels, sexy robes plus whatever else you have that will play well in front of the camera. Practice your poses and facial expressions in front of your mirror for a more productive pin-up photo shoot.

Here’s a few tips that will help you perfect your pin-up look:

  • Point your toes! If you remember to arch your ankles, your legs will look longer and toned. 
  • When posing, try to keep your tongue firmly glued to the roof of your mouth. This will slim your face, and cut down on the double chin.
  • Create lots of angles with your body without pointing a joint to the camera. Never point elbows or knees directly to the camera. Instead create angles where these joints are pointing away from the camera.
  • Don’t be afraid to ham it up! Those silly pics are sometimes the best shots.
  • Finger nails! Yes, girls have shown up with peeling polish and broken acrylics. NO-NO! Have well trimmed and shaped toenails and fingernails, trim and moisturize those cuticles! Don’t make the photo editor work overtime on sections that you could have easily taken care of.
  • Make sure your bikini line has been groomed and not neglected. Photoshop will make sure it looks perfect so long as you help by trimming and shaping. Sounds easy enough, but sometimes some girls do forget… don’t let it be you!
  • A great tip I found on a pin-up tip site: If you have less than toned thighs, a good trick is to find some completely sheer “sheer to waist” pantyhose as a foundation. (Make sure they are not control top! A good choice- Sheer Energy Sheer to Waist- they have the green stripe on the box.) The pantyhose will make your legs looks great, and then you can pull the stockings over them to have the stocking look with toned upper thigh.
  • Make every shoot a quality shoot! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT party the night before. So many things will go wrong. Your skin will look dehydrated and uneven, your eyes won’t be bright and shiny, your hair will be dull and self medicating is not an option. Take every shoot seriously. Many people invest their time, energy and talents to make you look great so please respect them by respecting yourself!

Oak Tree Vintage wants to make sure you always look your best by providing you with great tips and suggestions. Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Join Oak Tree Vintage and post your tips now!

Cheap Tricks!

Do you ever look at photos and think, “Wow! Look at that hairline!” ? Not all of us are born with a thick full head of hair, and let’s face it, we can’t help staring at those who rock the full bodied hairline. Women, even some men, who face this dilemma avoid wearing hairstyles that require them to comb the hair back in order to avoid showing off unnecessary cranium. Well, here’s a cheap little trick for those who need a little bit of a filler.

Find the closest shade of eyeshadow that best matches your hair color. In my case, it’s black. I personally prefer to use the black cream to powder eyeliner that comes in a pot. Now, you need a make-up brush that’s chunky and flat, such as a blending brush or a flathead shadow brush. Once you have your hairstyle in place, lightly brush the color onto your scalp in circular motions, blending it in lightly at first and adding on to your taste. PSSTBrushing some cream liner that matches your haircolor over the gray hairs after your hair has been set is a quick fix to tattle tale grays. Practice makes perfect, so be sure to give it a try a few times at home before you take your new trick out for a public spin.