Powder Puff Gals!

Women throughout the ages have experimented with beauty treatments to enhance natural features, slow the aging process and care for the outer body.Every lovely lady wants to feel silky, smooth and fine to the touch, right? Of course we do! Sometimes we want to body butter our skin, and sometimes we want to powder it alllll up! Body dusting is a dying art, but most people don’t know that powder is just as potent as cream when it comes to locking in that moisture. A dusted (powdered) body feels beautiful and many are made with a variety of powders with different weights, textures, smoothness, absorbency and scents. Dusting Powders help your clothes slide on and off easier, which is really useful when you’ve just got out of the shower and you’re in a hurry to get dolled up and ready to go out. (It’s also really useful when you want your clothes off in a hurry, on those… special occasions)

Historically, dusting powders were used by both men and women to absorb perspiration and help prevent body odor. Some people still use dusting powder as a way of enjoying a favorite fragrance, to absorb perspiration and skin oils, and to prevent skin chafing. Dusting was an essential part of the life of every aristocrat in the 17th and 18th centuries and we think it’s about time it had a comeback. My favorite is Chanel No5 After Bath Powder. Chanel describes it as: A silky powder which absorbs moisture after a bath, leaving skin scented with inimitable N°5. Unique loose powder absorbs moisture for cooling comfort as it imparts a light, luminous finish, leaving skin soft, silky and scented. Contains Vitamin E and essential amino acids to protect from free radical and environmental damage.I describe it as a must have for all ladies of whom are fond of the Chanel No5 scent and a perfect addition to your after shower routine. For you lasses with more sensitive skin, I’d recommend Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder. It is natural, talc-free, absorbent and non-irritating. The scent is pleasant and light, but does not come with a powder puff.

Powder puffs are pieces of soft material used for the application of various types of loose powder, body shimmer or talcum powder. Powder puffs are the tool of choice when it comes to applying loose powder, especially if you’re covering a large area. Historically, powder puffs have been made of very fine down feathers, cotton, fine fleece, etc. In modern times synthetic materials such as velour or fur are used for powder puffs. In addition to softness, an important characteristic of powder puffs is their ability to hold powder.

Be glamorous, dip a powder puff in shimmering body powder and dust lightly all over that beautiful skin. Feeling a lil naughty? Try highlighting your cleavage by dusting shimmering powder underneath a low-cut blouse for some eye catching highlights.

There is so much for a girl to choose from. Between rice powders, honey powders, flower dusting powders all scented with an array of flowers, perfumes and oils, there is no excuse for letting the experience of body dusting pass you by. So come on you sexy little devils, slip into some dusting powder before slipping into your Naughty Little Things!


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