Don’t Be Such A Flake!

It’s that time of the year again when the days are short and the nights are long. Where cuddling up with a warm blanket, sippin on a sweet cup of cinnamon tea while living vicariously through Dexter sounds like the end of a great day. Ahhhh… winter!

Accumulations of snow and ice are happening in some parts of the country while accumulations of dry skin and chapped lips are happening on our bodies. This is not acceptable! Dry air and winds with a bite can be our worst enemies during the grand finale of the year, let’s not go out looking haggard and mangled. Here are some products that will help you avoid becoming a winter mess.

  1. Rosebud Perfume Company salves help prevent and temporarily protect chapped hands, chapped face, chapped lips, dry rough skin, minor burns, windburn, chaffing and other irritations. Rosebud has been a skin protectant since 1860 and a must have for every lady. After a long night of  “entertainment”, apply some under your eyes, on and around your mouth after your nightly routine and wake up with a hydrated face that won’t kiss and tell of the night before.
  2. Rose Baby Oil, several varieties can be purchased at your local drugstore. This should only set you back about $6 dollars, but will do wonders for your skin. It’s not to thick, has a rosy scent that will lightly compliment any fragrance you wear and keeps your skin hydrated while battling the ever changing moods of winter.
  3. Last, but not least Bag Balm! No, it’s not for the bags you ladies shouldn’t have under your eyes, but rather Bag Balm from Vermont. This product was actually created to soften cow udders back in 1899 and worked extremely well. Word got out in 1937 about the different ways Bag Balm could be used and has since then skyrocketed in sales with a wide array of clients. Keep your pretty lil feet looking soft by applying a generous amount of bag balm all over your feet and putting on some fluffy socks to keep them well hydrated throughout the night. It does have a medicine type smell but will fade by the morning. You can also use on your legs for softer, beautiful legs overnight! You can find Bag Balm at your local drug store.

Stop flaking out this winter and put your best face forward from here on out. Our skin takes quite the weather beating so let’s give it some TLC every night so that it loves us back gracefully in our later years.


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