“I’ll have some coffee with my beer, and make it Spicy!”

Thank the gods! Finally some beer that makes sense. Now you won’t be spending oodles of time in the restroom going number one as an effect of bad beer, but actually pouring it out via can to, well, can.What am I talking about? Well only the best thing that’s ever happened to the beer drinking community, CRAFT BEER!

Micro Breweries, Gastro pubs and craft beer gardens have been popping up all over the nation like wildfire. It’s the best thing that’s happened since leopard print undies. Be ready to say, “Budweiser, I scoff at you!” because once you’ve had the good stuff, there’s no going back to the playpen.

There really is something out there for everyone. Coffee lovers, chocolate lovers, chipotle lovers, tree lovers, seriously. If this planet can make it, these brewers can brew it. They have taken the art of cooking and implemented it into the art of brewing. This is no big news to those who have been home brewing most of their lives, and I commend you on that, but some people out there, (Pabst Blue Ribbon die hards), need some real edumacation on beer drinking. So let’s get started shall we…

Coffee. Nectar of the God’s, sunshine in a cup, the only thing preventing me from going postal every morning + Beer. I call this breakfast! There are several beers out there that contain this magnificent combination, but I must say my favorite is Great Divide’s Oak Aged Yeti Espresso Stout. As if that wasn’t already divine, they decided to throw chocolate in there too calling it Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout. Wow, OK ladies. It’s time to tell your hubby you need your own beer fridge because I guarantee you will fall in love.

Big brand brewers are not focused on big taste, so here are a few suggestions on craft brewers who are …for those willing to go through beer puberty.

  1. Great Divide http://greatdivide.com. Offering some of the best stouts, porters, Belgians,IPA’s and Ale’s.
  2. The Bruery http://www.thebruery.com. For amazing beers with complex flavors. The Bruery, very intense.
  3. Bootleggers Brewery http://www.bootleggersbrewery.com. Home of Knuckle Sandwich, voted best craft beer in 2010. This  is a well balanced 10% abv Double IPA that is consistent in flavor from beginning to end.
  4. Skyscraper Brewing http://skyscraperbrewing.com. There is always something new going on at Skyscraper Brewing. Be sure to try Sancha, Lug Nut and their Honeyweizen.
  5. Cismontane  Brewing Co. http://cismontanebrewing.com. Great beer, great people and great vibe. My favorite, Blacks Dawn. Coming in at an 8% abv, this stout is made with Sumatra coffee, brown sugar and oats. Check out their complete list of beers and events page.

Ok folks, remember that these are only some of the hundreds of great Breweries offering you a palette pleasing  experience. There are many Gastropubs that are featuring great craft beer, great food and a knowledgeable staff for your beer loving convenience. No more ordering light beer or dark beer. Give it a name, name your style and impress your bartender. Want more information on where to drink, what to drink, beer dinner pairings, events and more? Check out my friends at http://www.BeersInParadise.com. Find enlightenment through their weekly beer reviews and join them at the next beer event.


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